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The idea of ​​dental removal, or even the surgery in the mouth, can spoil the mood of anybody, but the professionalism of our doctors at Stomline, as well as the modern equipment and special tools, allow us to implement all that painlessly and quickly.



Stomline dental clinic carries out all kinds of dental surgeries: removal,

2.complex dental removal,

3.abscess detection,

4.extraction of dystopian and impacted teeth,

5.removal of non-malignant neoplasms of oral cavity,

6.periodontal surgeries,

7.cutting of tongue and lip frenulums (tongue-tie and lip-tie),

8.periostitis and pericoronitis treatment, etc.


In our clinic surgical intervention occurs only in cases where therapeutic treatment is no longer possible. In order to avert further development of serious illnesses, the following surgeries for tooth preservation are performed:


1.hemisection – removal of a dental root,

2.cystostomy, cystectomy – cysteine ​​removal,

3.apicoectomy – partial removal of a dental root.