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Orthopedic dentistry deals with diagnosis, treatment of teeth integrity disorders, replacement of missing teeth and treatment of diseases associated with dysfunction of chewing teeth joints.

Even in case of a single tooth loss, the patient needs orthopedic treatment and dental prosthetics, as the absence of a tooth (teeth) has a negative impact not only on the appearance but also on the whole organism.

In particular, the quality of chewing is deteriorating, and the food reaches the gastrointestinal track already being badly chewed, which can lead to diseases of the digestive tract. The teeth adjacent toothache in a few years gradually turns into a defect. Thus, there is a violation of the balance in the gastrointestinal tract that can lead to the development of such disorder as periodontitis.

Periodontitis causes further fluctuations and loss of teeth (even the ones that are not damaged by caries). That is why we recommend applying for orthopedists in case of loss of a tooth.

We offer all types of orthopedic treatments including:

1.installation of dental pins,

2.zircon dental pins,

3.metal-composite crowns,

4.metal-ceramic crowns,

5.ceramic crowns on the basis of zirconium oxide,

6.non-metallic ceramic crowns,

7.ceramic veneers,

8.ceramic inserts,

9.implementation of all types of clasp prosthesis,

10.implementation of all kinds of mobile prosthesis,

11.implementation of prosthesis for implants.