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If you want to get a healthy and an amazing smile, and at the same time spend several times less money than in your own country, relax in a beautiful country with an ancient history and rich culture, enjoy delicious dishes and exquisite cognac, combine the useful with the good, then the project “Get Treated and Relax” is just for you.

Stom Line dental clinic offers you to undergo a comprehensive dental service in Yerevan at LOW PRICES, get acquainted with Armenia and its attractions, and receive GIFTS from our clinic.

This is a type of medical tourism, in which the person receives highly qualified dental treatment abroad, while enjoying the vacation.

Compared with the foreign market, dental treatment in Armenia is several times cheaper, with highly qualified doctors, advanced technologies and the latest equipment.

Stom Line is one of the leading clinics in Armenia, which is equipped with advanced technologies and the latest equipment, and where you can find professional doctors with extensive experience.

Here you can get highly qualified assistance in all areas of dentistry. In Stom Line, a wide variety of dental procedures are carried out of any complexity, ranging from preventive cleansing and whitening, to complex surgical interventions. Stom Line is the best implantation in Armenia, the highest level of treatment, experienced and attentive staff, reasonable prices and a guarantee for the work done.

Armenia is famous for its rich culture and ancient history, delicious dishes of national cuisine and exquisite cognac.
Thanks to all this, Armenia is attractive as a destination for dental tourism.

The Proposal

To make your treatment and stay in Yerevan as comfortable as possible, we will place you in a comfortable hotel near to the clinic, which, moreover, is located in the very center of Yerevan! Thus, you will always be under the supervision of our doctors and can easily visit the sights of our beautiful capital, enjoy evening walks and visit cozy cafes and restaurants!

As part of the offer, you can order a basic tour package at discounted prices, calculated for one person, which you can change at your request and discretion. The basic package may include:

Мeeting at the airport

Hotel accommodation

7 days accommodation in 3 * hotel

During the 7-day visit, together with leading tour operators, we organize special tours in Armenia and Yerevan. All tour packages will be compiled on an individual basis, taking into account your treatment, duration of visit and wishes..

Breakfast at the hotel

One day tour in Armenia

Organization of transfer to the airport according to an individual program..

Half-day tour in Yerevan

Gifts from the STOM LINE clinic: from 50% to 100% discount on hotel accommodation.

Thus, you can enjoy your vacation in our country and at the same time undergo the necessary treatment at lower prices than in your country. We will save your time and money without saving on quality!

The Prices

The approximate cost of the tour package is $460 (if the package has not been changed). We can tell you the exact cost after talking with you and discussing all the details, as well as taking into account the current exchange rate.

However, regardless of the tour package, as part of the offer you will receive three packages of gifts from the clinic: our doctors will help you determine your package. During a free consultation, they will determine the individual course of treatment and its cost. And based on the cost of treatment, appropriate gifts and discounts will be selected.

1. For treatment with a cost of $2000 to $5000, Stom Line clinic will pay for:

• additional TWO days of your stay at the selected hotel,
• one day tour in Armenia;

2. For treatment with a cost of $5000 to $8000, Stom Line clinic will pay for:

• additional THREE days of your stay at the selected hotel;
• two-day tour in Armenia;
• tour in Yerevan;

3. During treatment with a cost of $8000 or more, Stom Line clinic will pay for:

• Your air ticket Moscow-Yerevan-Moscow;
• additional THREE days of your stay at the selected hotel:
• two-day tour in Armenia;
• tour in Yerevan.

How to become a participant of “Get Treated And Relax!“?

Step 1: Complete the application

Step 2. The communication: After receiving your application, within a short time, we will contact You to discuss the details, reply to the questions that You are interested in.

Step 3. The referral to the Diagnostic Center: With the help of your application, as well as during a conversation with You, we will know exactly what kind of services of our clinic You need for Your treatment. However, for a more accurate diagnosis and determination of treatment and cost, there may be a need for CT of the jaw.

Step 4. Diagnosis, treatment, and the rest: After receiving the pictures, we will again contact You. Our doctors will provide You the results of CT, will diagnose, prescribe the course of the treatment, and tell You the approximate cost. Based on this cost, You may receive from 50-100% discount for hotel accommodation from our clinic!

Step 5. Signing the agreement: After the discussion of all the details of the treatment and the vacation, Stom Line will sign an agreement with You, with which You will be able to read and discuss all of its points in advance.

Step 6. The arrival: After the meeting at the airport and the arrival at the hotel, we will present You the clinic and its services. The doctor will carry out the initial examination and compose the final analysis.

Step 7. The treatment and the vacation: It is calculated that the treatment will take about from 7 to 10 days. The full two days of the seven days will be intended for tours in Armenia, two more days after/before the treatment (at your discretion) – for tours in Yerevan. In the remaining days about 3-4 hours will be intended for the treatment.

Step 8. The payment: When the treatment is carried out, You can pay for the treatment, get the instructions for further care and the recovery period (in case of surgery).

Step 9. The departure: You will leave us with a healthy smile and with wonderful impressions of our country!